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Life Lessons from a Transformation Alchemist

I live an abundantly magic life because everything I do is aligned with my FUCK YES!!!


It hasn’t always been this way… 

I’ve been through a lot of turmoil throughout my life, sexual trauma, and losing loved ones would leave me in a deep hole wondering how I could go on.


As a single mama to a now 4yr old boy, I seriously struggled; mentally, emotionally, and financially for years. 


But with every challenge I have gained valuable BLESSONS that helped me carve my unique path and opened me to recognizing how Source is choosing to express through me. 


I grew up in a very small town where my great-great grandparents had also grown up. It felt like everyone was family, but I knew I wanted to see and explore the world. 


As a competition dancer I trained 6 days a week & and attended events around the country for years. It gave me a strong sense of discipline and a deep connection to my body. 


I was also a people pleaser and a perfectionist which made life very hard at times. I’d been sexually molested for years as a little girl but I couldn’t tell people because of the shame and guilt. I wanted nothing to do with sex and felt like men saw me as a commodity for their pleasure. (Further reinforced by ads everywhere!) 


I always had a strong connection to nature and truly felt myself, WILD & FREE being outside, in the woods, or by the water. Nature was my version of church, where I could feel GOD flowing through my veins. 


As an adult I committed to 13 lunar cycles of intentional celibacy to release the feelings of shame that I held energetically in my body. 


This daily practice led me to create Yonicise (now called Divine Alignment), a healing movement modality to clear shame, guilt and fear, allowing you to fall madly in love with your body, self, and life. 


This journey, and then soon after becoming a mother have been my greatest teachers in this lifetime. 


As I dove into womb wisdom, and how our bodies hold the knowledge and experiences of our lineage, my ancestors began to speak to me.  My senses became heightened and the magic around me more apparent, the ability to see, feel, hear, and notice things that I didn’t before. (And yes, this is available for everyone, once you clear your channel to receive!) 


My unplanned pregnancy, and subsequent single motherhood pulled me off my “expected” course… I suffered severe postpartum depression, and felt I had completely lost myself and my future. Thankfully my practice and the groups I joined as he was growing eventually got me back on track and creating again. 


The more inner work I did, the more I released the need to people please, to be a perfectionist, or to place expectations on myself. I learned that I am a unique expression of God/Source, and that living MY TRUTH was all that truly mattered for my Soul’s purpose in this lifetime!


In the past two years Yonicise has evolved with me to become Divine Alignment. 


I also dove into the world of crypto currency and began coaching others in my Divine Crypto Hive. 


I learned to receive and fully embody the Queen codes and Wealth Frequency- all by living in MY magic and aligning with my Fuck Yes! 

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Photo credit: @melissarobinphoto

In this episode:

HER Influence

So how are you being called to step up and embody your magic? It all starts with Self Devotion. And for many mamas it can be quite the challenge to make time for self care. 


I work with women online and in person in Costa Rica (and worldwide as today’s world allows,) offering classes, workshops, courses and retreats to become aligned with your FUCK YES!


My programs are for the women with busy schedules, who want to bring back their FUN, SEXY, lives; even when kids, partners and life are pulling you in every direction. A few simple shifts will bring all the magic back when you live your FUCK YES!!!


What would it look like if if felt like your cup was not just full, but abundantly over flowing each and every day. If you could feel juicy and confident in everything you do? If you had a fantastic connection with your partner, kids, family and everyone in your life - communicating from a place of joy, never feeling burnt out, or taken advantage of. Always feeling like your needs are being met, the kids are listening, and you are adored by those around you. 

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Photo credit: @melissarobinphoto

HER Vision for YOU

This is living your FUCK YES.


Connected to the Divine Union of masculine and feminine within & without. 


Total balance and abundance as you embody the Queen codes and wealth frequency. 


We are inherently sensual beings, everyone MADE BY THE ACT OF SEX. So why are we so shamed and guilted by society for expressing our sensuality in any way? Meanwhile society uses our bodies to sell everything under the sun, trying to make us feel unworthy as ourselves in every way. 


When we tap into Source energy (Divine Masculine) and Nature (Divine Feminine) we can begin to work with energy and the elements to embody our sensuality fully and freely.  The more we heal into wholeness as individuals the more we inspire and create healing and wholeness for humanity and our planet. 


When we clear any shame, guilt, and fear from our physical/energetic bodies and from our mindset, we become the channel for Divine Alignment. As you allow this energy to flow it brings you in total alignment with your Soul’s Mission and Purpose - able to live your FUCK YES!!! 


F - FREE Yourself from guilt, shame & obligations/expectations 

U - Understand your programming & patterns

C - Commit to your daily practice 

K - Know your boundaries


Y - YOU come first 

E - EMBODY Unity & Magic



I LOVE working with women around the globe to motivate one another and bring the magic back into our lives. Our sensuality it our power, our wombs are the portals of ALL CREATION, and we are the modern day witches who understand how to unite the Divine masculine and feminine within and without to live abundance in every way. 


I’d love to work with you!!!

Nicole Gayatri guest speaks on Her Version to share her story.

In this episode:

1. Nicole talks about thriving as a single mom.

2. Hosting retreats in Costa Rica.

3. Importance of mental and emotional health.

4. What it mean to manifest.

5. Choosing how to show up for the world.

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