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Life Lessons from an
LA-based Relationship Coach

When I was going through my divorce, I wanted to understand why I was going through this, what changes I could make for myself to get through the emotional pain, and to find the courage to create happiness in my new life. It all came down to me allowing myself to FEEL my emotions, the pain, the fear, the heartbreak. I wanted to awaken the leader within and gain control of myself so I could muster the energy to show up as the mother and woman I wanted to be. Becoming the leader in my life meant I needed to learn a new way of thinking.  Through coaching mentors, thought leaders, and a lot of deep inner work, I began to recognize how I had abandoned myself emotionally over the years. I didn’t realize it until my life took an abrupt halt and changed instantaneously. I started applying various practices, journaling, and treating myself differently. I began to feel empowered, armed with knowledge and tools for managing my emotional life. I created a 3- step process to gain clarity for myself, identify the fears in my way, and began to take actions from a centered, clear space. My life began to shift immediately. I knew I wanted to share my experience and guide thousands of other women in gaining clarity and having emotional responsibility for themselves in all aspects of their lives, especially after a divorce. And to awaken the leader within! I was inspired to start my coaching business, LeAnn Lazar Coaching and have never looked back! I teach women how to become emotionally responsible, think differently, make choices from an intentional place, and to allow the next level of love, opportunities, and happiness into their lives. I am proud to continue to impact thousands of women through my 1:1 coaching program, speaking events, free content on my  social media platforms, website, and live webinars. 

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HER Influence

LeAnn Lazar is an LA-based Dating and Relationship coach for single parents and individuals offering guidance on how to shift your mindset about dating, being a better parent, and creating balance around your co-parenting dynamic. I am passionate about helping those who deeply desire to break through the daily challenges of loneliness, practicing self-love, who want to attract their person, and awaken the leader within!

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HER Vision for YOU

I am passionate about helping individuals gain emotional responsibility for themselves so they can have healthy relationships with their children, families, exes,  and romantic partners. How you feel dictates every action you take in your life... your personal life, work life, and social life. So many of us show up in life as a result of how we feel unintentionally about a circumstance without any idea how to change our patterns or truly understand why we feel the way we feel.

When we begin to take an honest look at our feelings and the thoughts associated with them, we can start to dissect the root cause of our actions and thus the results we have in our lives. If you are in a transition in your life and feel as though you are steering towards the abyss, you are not alone! We aren’t taught  how to manage our emotions when we are young and so we predominantly operate from a place of immaturity. We lack emotional responsibility and can create more insecurity unconsciously for everyone in our lives. Emotional responsibility is knowing what you want, how to communicate it, and being ready to accept the results of the situation. This is the biggest lesson I have learned in my life!

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Connect with HER

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LeAnn Lazar guest speaks on Her Version to share her story.

In this episode:

1. LeAnn Lazar talks about divorce.

2. Biggest worries while contemplating divorce.

3. Two misconceptions about co-parenting.

4. How to deal with an ex that is not respectful.

5. Best time to start dating again.

6. Introducing your children to your new love interest.

7. How to handle sadness during the divorce process.

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