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Calling All Heart-Centered Professionals 

Lauren Lefkowitz is an Executive Leadership Coach, partnering with clients to escape the trap of being ‘fine’ and break the work, sleep, repeat cycle. Lauren works with individuals and small to medium sized businesses to support heart-centered professionals who are ready to find joy, excitement, challenge, and balance in their careers...and have a personal life to love.


Lauren was an 80-hour-a-week executive, is a recovering people pleaser, and has lived with chronic illness for 15 years (and once, she broke both of her shoulders chasing a vacuum – She was living in the ‘fine’ trap for years, convincing herself that working all the time and never feeling well were just part of life.


Despite these challenges, she decided to take control of her life, learn to set boundaries, create opportunities for personal choice, and relaunch her own career and life to find her version of success and joy. Now, she coaches people and teams who function the way she used to – and find their own versions of amazing.


Lauren makes it comfortable to get uncomfortable, create powerful goals, and create real, sustainable career and life transformation.

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About Being Fine:

But how do you know that you’re ‘fine’? And how do you know that you’re not the really, actually fine kind of ‘fine’?


You know because you find yourself justifying why things are fine: they pay me a lot of money to do this job; I’m an executive, so this is just what’s expected; I’ve been doing it this way for a long time, so if I stop, they’ll think I’m lazy or dumb or I don’t have enough energy to do the job.


You know because the work that used to bring you joy and excitement, the job you used to be so proud that they were trusting you to do, is now a job you just dread.


Do you see yourself in any of these examples?


  • Work is all consuming in one way or another - too much, not enough, unsatisfying, overwhelming.

  • You come to terms with “this is just how grown-up life is” but know in your heart that’s not what you want.

  • You show up to work every day, resenting the work you’re doing and often the people you do it with, even though you think you should love what you’re doing.

  • You've been promoted, but you frankly have no idea how to manage all of the work you already have, let alone your new responsibilities.

  • You find yourself looking at job postings, but don’t apply for any because you don’t think you have the qualifications…or that every job looks the same.

  • You still give 150% because of course you do! That’s who you are and what you do, but you don’t get any sense of satisfaction from it.

  • You have conversations with your manager or HR about other positions, but you’ve made yourself so critical in your role that they can’t give you up to another department.

  • You keep talking to friends and family about how much you hate work, but you can’t see a way out from what you’re doing.

  • You’re in severe burnout, your body is working against you to make you tired and sick, and you feel like you’re always in a downward spiral.


Just because this is the way it IS…just because this is the way it has BECOME…doesn’t mean this is the way it has to be. You didn’t come to this earth for ‘fine’…you’re here to be AMAZING.

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HER Passion

The most commonly asked question I get is, “What exactly are we going to DO? Like, what are the steps?”


And the answer is always, always, always: It depends.


It depends on where you want to be. And how you want to be. And, most importantly, who you want to be.


Together, we take a deep dive into YOU so you can recognize what is not working in your career (and life!), and decide what you want to move away from. Then, we will build what you want your life to be like together.


I’ll support you as you shift into new patterns, new mindsets, new achievable goals. Our work together is purposefully slow so that you can build real, sustainable change that feels amazing. And I have tools for everything including tons of empathy, positive humor, bowls full of creativity, all kinds of tolls and exercises, and awesome questions to get you curious about yourself!


This is a coaching program built for YOU, about YOU, to support YOU.

​'Busyness is not a substitute for happiness.'
              - Lauren Lefkowitz               

HER Vision for YOU

1. First, we'll determine if it actually makes sense to work together. I'm not here to GET YOU IN A CAR TODAY! You should only work with me if coaching actually makes sense for you AND if the way I work will serve you.


2. When we decide to work together, we do a deep dive into where you are today, what you're looking for, what gets in the way.


3. We start chipping away at it. Together. In small, digestible, manageable steps that will help you move forward.


3. We continue to evaluate the broad scope goals and determine together what is going to keep you moving.


4. Sometimes, we talk and you won't have moved forward at all since our last conversation and that will be the thing we talk about.


5. Sometimes, we talk and you'll have done so much more than you committed to.


6. Sometimes, we talk and you'll feel amazing, excited, defeated, numb, exhausted, hopeful, antsy, or any other kind of way.


7. You get to decide what matters to you – more time, more money, more flexibility. You get to decide what you want the rest of your life to look like as you see space and flexibility open up for you outside of work.



Through it all, I support your goals, your growth, your missteps, your struggles, AND your success!

Lauren Lefkowitz guest speaks on Her Version to share her story.

In this episode:

1. Lauren talks about her story as a recovering workaholic, perfectionist, imposter, people pleaser and apologizer.

2. Finding time to do things you enjoy without sacrificing your professional life.

3. We can be a proactive change maker, and find balance at the same time.

4. How to get rid of the 'FINE' and rise.

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