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Life Lessons from an Empowerment Coach

We were put on this earth to do amazing things, and it’s only when we throw society’s rulebook out the window and take time to understand who we truly are, that we can redefine success and reach our full potential.

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HER Influence

Jenn Masse is an ICF Certified Mindset and Empowerment Coach and the owner of Conshy Coaching.

Jenn is passionate about empowering women, small business owners, and leaders break free from the limitations holding them back from reaching their full potential and achieving success on their terms.

Using her signature success formula (Awareness + Strategy + Mindset = Success), through coaching, Jenn will help you explore your deep inner truth, identify what’s holding you back and make the mindset or behavior shifts necessary to feel more successful and confident, both in life and at work. You will walk away living a more conscious, authentic life that leverages your strengths and aligns with your values.

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HER Passion

My passion truly lies in empowering and inspiring other women to break free from the societal bull crap {read: rules, expectations, and limitations} that is holding them back from being their best and most authentic selves. It lies in empowering women to look beneath the “I don’t knows” so they can start listening to, and trusting their inner voice.


It lies in helping women achieve that perfect balance of freedom, joy and inner harmony that comes from prioritizing their core values, fulfilling their needs, and ditching the worry, fear, and doubt that has been keeping them small for so long.


My clients are a mix of small business owners, mid-level managers, executive leaders who are tired of the rat race and are ready to reclaim their energy, their power, and their voice…. And I couldn’t be more honored and humbled that I’m in the position to help them do just that.

HER Vision for YOU

You weren’t put on this earth to be mediocre, to chase someone else’s dreams, or to conform to society’s definition of success. You were put on this earth to do amazing things, and you know it.

That disconnect you’re experiencing? The chaos? The burnout? The lack of inspiration? The loss of passion? The feeling of being trapped or like you don’t belong? Those are symptoms. The diagnosis: you are living a life that doesn’t authentically align with your values, strengths, and vision for success. That’s likely why it feels so hard right now.

Jenn understands how you feel because she was you.

She felt lost. She knew that she was capable of achieving so much more and spent over a decade chasing the different career paths, titles, and promotions that would bring her happiness and fulfillment, but never did. Until she decided to break free and take control of her story.

Jenn firmly believes that she was put on this earth to inspire and empower people, and Conshy Coaching was born out of necessity and inspiration and is a true expression of her life’s purpose.

Through her coaching practice, she helps women break free from limitations that are holding them back so that they can redefine success and happiness for themselves. She helps women create a deep understanding of who they are and a clear vision for their future, which, empowers them to increase their confidence, reclaim their energy, and ultimately make choices that serve them without worry, fear, and doubt.

Whether you are wanting to make a career change, launch a business, scale a business, or introduce more passion and freedom to your life, Jenn is here to help you figure it out.

Jenn Masse guest speaks on Her Version to share her story.

In this episode:

1. Jenn talks about how she developed a negative expectations in her life.

2. What career life look like.

3. What success means.

4. What energy leadership is.

5. Importance of stepping out of our comfort zone.

6. How to handle chaos and lack of passion.

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