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May 29

Mindy Scarlett


'The Art of the Pivot - Make change a positive thing!'

Change is a constant in life - we all have to deal with it! However, there are some tips and tricks that can make dealing with change more fun, and can dial down the 'scary' parts. The Art of the Pivot is all about how to make change your friend, empower yourself to make the choices necessary to make any and all changes end up in a positive place.

June 5

Lori Saitz


'Five Easy Ways to Live the Sabbatical Life'

Most people have been lied to by well-meaning authority figures. 

• Hard work leads to success.

• If you're not productive 24/7, you're lazy. 

• Your worth is tied to your accomplishments. 


These beliefs are deeply ingrained and may lead you to becoming a high achiever, but you probably have trouble sleeping at the end of the day because you never feel you've accomplished enough. And they're robbing you of experiencing more joy in your life. 

As a nationally recognized gratitude and meditation expert, Lori Saitz guides entrepreneurs and business leaders from stressed and chaotic to peaceful and focused. 

In August 2022, she took a month-long sabbatical road trip with her 19-year old cat to prove those nasty beliefs wrong. Learn how you can free yourself from the destructive dogma and start living a sabbatical life - without having to take a month off or travel with a cat.

June 12

Sarah Kajani

sarah kajani_edited.jpg

'Aligning Your Goals Within'

How many of you have gotten soooo close to achieving your goal, like you can taste it, but you just can't seem to get there? 

Or how many of you are in a swelteringly negative thoughtstorm just minutes after setting a goal? 

How many of you don't even know where to start or whether you're even setting actual goals? 

Good. Now how many of you would like to have the secret sauce that will enable you to continually achieve what you want? Would you find it valuable to learn how to create goals that instantly motivate you to achieve them?

Good. You're already a step closer to achieving what you want!

June 19

Jodi Kay Benusa


'What is a geriatric consultant and how can one help you?'

Helping you handle the overwhelming decisions of caring for an aging loved one with a simple plan.

June 26

Lauren Lefkowitz

Portrait Headshot_edited.jpg

'Fine is a Trap'

Fine. Yep, that’s fine. It’s fine. We’re fine. This is fine. We’ll be fine. It’s going to be fine.

How often do we say “it’s fine” when it’s not actually fine? Fine is a word we all use automatically. Ask almost anyone how they're doing and they’ll say, “I'm fine.” They almost never mean it. In reality, ‘fine’ is a self-soothing word we use when things aren't fine…when things are far from okay. 

We use the word fine to make ourselves feel better or to make other people feel better for how we think things just are. 

We say, “Oh, I'm overworked, but it's fine because they're paying me a lot of money.” 

We say, “I say yes to too many things, but it's fine because I'm helping people or the company or my team.” 

We say, “I’m in too many meetings, but it’s fine because the rest of the team can’t function without me.”

We say, “I’m just a bad delegator, so it’s fine that I’m working all of these hours. I’ve earned this punishment and it’s fine.”

It's almost as though we're patting ourselves on the back and saying, “There, there, self. I have to say it’s fine because if I admit it’s not fine, we’re all going to feel terrible and systems and processes will simply crumble.”

Fine is not fine. Fine is settling. Fine is not speaking up for what we need, what we want, how we can best work together. Fine is not setting boundaries, not following our own goals, and really just giving up on better. Fine is the trap of complacency, overworking, damaging teams, and slowing progress.

Join Executive Leadership Coach Lauren Lefkowitz as she talks about how to discover if you're the kind of 'fine' that isn't fine and what to do about it.

July 10

Mara Whitener

Mara _2__edited.jpg

'Communication is the Key to Your Success in Business and in Life'

We've all heard probably heard how important communication is in relationships. We may have even tried different things to learn how to communicate with others more effectively. But do you know exactly how important communication is to the overall success of your business and reaching your vision? Communication is everything is business too. And if not done effectively with your team and with your clients it could be costing you not only time and money, but reaching your vision! Effective communication is in the details. Join Fractional COO and Business Problem-Solving Strategist as she uncovers the truths behind why communication is so pivotal in your business and what you can do to improve it!

July 31

Michelle Lee Myrter


'The Secrets to Relationships and Communication!'

Michelle Lee is an International Speaker, Award winning Coach and Trainer, Communication Expert, and People Profiler. 

Relationships can be hard, they don't have to be once you understand it's not personal, it's personality!

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