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HER Influence

Erika Shalene Hull, the founder of Better over Perfect Co. and Co-Founder of The CornHer Office, resides in Ohio with her husband and five active children. She has overcome numerous traumas in life, including abuse, the suicide of her oldest child, and a crippling genetic disorder.

After spending over 10 years, as a Financial Development Director for a worldwide non-profit organization, Erika sought to lessen the gap between the challenges of working and motherhood, by leaving corporate America and becoming a full-time entrepreneur. The CornHer Office was created to solve that problem and be an environment, both physically and virtually, where women can work, create, and pursue their passions while caring for their children. ⁠

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HER Passion

Erika fearlessly unlocked a personal journey untold when she approached Dr. Cheryl Jackson at a conference in October of 2019 and shared her story about abuse. She realized that some paths were made to cross as they peeled back the layers, and saw they were onto something much bigger than themselves. That conversation sparked them into writing a book together called ...but that’s not me. A book that started as a self-healing memoir for their children quickly became a platform for bringing awareness to the issue that not abuse is physical.

...but that's not me book is a love letter there to touch the lives of victims around the globe, giving them the voice that they may have lost somewhere along the way. It is here to share their truth among the voices of other women describing their experiences relevant to a given topic.

HER Vision for YOU

Erika continues to be courageously passionate about helping other women rise above their own personal obstacles. Showing them that choosing BETTER over perfect is a mindset we can incorporate in all areas. It is evident in the way she strives to empower women every day to be the best version of themselves when she shares her life through live social media videos but also through her courses, writing, speaking, volunteering and consulting services.

Erika Hull guest speaks on Her Version to share her story.

In this episode:

1. Erika opens up about abuse she endured.

2. Speaks about the challenges in that relationship.

3. Erika talks about her healing process.

4. How she co-parents with her ex.

5. Guidance she gives to her children.

6. Erika talks about her book, on abuse.

7. How she uses her story to inspire women. 

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