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Life Lessons from a Certified Health Education Specialist

Emily is an Independent Consultant with a global health and wellness brand, a Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Health Education Specialist, business owner, mom to two boys, and wife to her favorite redhead. She also volunteers time with local nonprofits who work to empower women, break down societal structures that disenfranchise, and do the hard but necessary work to create equity for all.


Even as a little girl, Emily knew she wanted to help others and that vision began by looking forward toward medical professions. Eventually, paired with a love for sports, Emily did her undergraduate studies in sports medicine. She then moved forward into her graduate studies in community health and learned more about community empowerment and equity-based initiatives. This created a larger vision and stirred up the deep desire to have an impact through interaction and connection.


After working for a few years in a traditional job sector using her educational background, Emily took the leap into entrepreneurship by starting her own network marketing company with a brand focused on holistic health and wellness. She quickly found that although this nontraditional, often stigmatized business model was not the path she had envisioned, it was actually exactly what she had been working to manifest.


In her role as an independent consultant with a global health and wellness brand, Emily works to empower everyone she comes across to believe in their deepest dreams and desires, to let their passions drive their lives, and to believe in their voice and trust their intuition. She is empowering anyone who wants to claim their own power to build a business around their life and build their life around what matters to them most.

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HER Influence

With some incredible highs and some of the most devastating lows, what I have learned from life is that all we have control over is showing up with authenticity, honesty, and integrity.


Taking the time to figure out who we are, listening to our intuition, knowing what our values are and why we stand for what we believe in is so important to know who we authentically are.


Making sure to show up and all the spaces where our voice can be heard and our energy can be felt with honesty, and knowing that that is one of the only things we have control over.


And most importantly, making sure that living our authentic and honest life is done with integrity.

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HER Vision for YOU

One of the most important things to me in the work that I do and the connections that I make is empowering women to know how truly powerful their voice really is. Empowering women to trust the intuitive voice that speaks to them and gives counsel and direction. Empowering women to step into their power and to take up space in the world that all too often forces them to shrink into small corners. Empowering women to have the audacity to believe in themselves and to share that belief with everyone around them.

Connect with HER

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Emily Tosoni guest speaks on Her Version to share her story.

In this episode:

1. Emily talks about the importance of getting involved in a support group to help with healing after a loved one passes away.

2. The grief cycle.

3. Steps in healing after the loss of a child.

4. Importance of being patient with yourself.

5. Finding joy again after a loss.

6. How to handle mental and emotional struggles.

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