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Welcome to the creative side of Her Nation Magazine! If you are here it is because your application was accepted, so CONGRATULATIONS! This is a great place for content creators, journalists, and experts to showcase their expertise and build a personal brand by delivering valuable, contemporary content to our community. 


We are a digital publication that focuses on three key categories: Health, Wealth, and Leadership. Our writers come from all over the world to share their knowledge, aiming to educate, inspire, and empower women globally, fostering transformative perspectives and hope for the future. 


Because we are a global brand, Her Nation Magazine refrains from publishing articles discussing God or politics to ensure inclusivity across nations, cultures, and religion. We prioritize content that fosters encouragement and inspiration without imposing on personal beliefs.

Our 2024 Edit Calendar


Article submission due: N/A

Release date: N/A


Article submission due: 04/12/23

Release date: 05/1/24


Article submission due: 08/15/23

Release date: 09/1/24


Article submission due: 02/15/23

Release date: 03/1/24


Article submission due: 06/15/23

Release date: 07/1/24


Article submission due: 10/15/23

Release date: 11/1/24

Instructions & Guidelines

HER NATION's Editorial Team reserves the right to take action if our commitment to providing original, AI-free content is violated. We issue first and second warnings before considering permanent exclusion. (Please note this does not mean you can not use AI, this means each article needs to include your own ideas, thoughts, opinions and stories. We DO NOT want cut and paste articles from AI.)


Please note that an article will not be used if it is not spell-checked and/or lacks correct grammar. 


1) Contributors will receive monthly reminder emails with an array of topics that Her Nation Magazine is looking to publish that month. Scan the topics, and if you are knowledgeable about any of the topics, answer the inquiry with the EXACT content you want published on the Her Nation Magazine.


2) Contributors must have clear, reasonable expertise in a topic relevant to the query they are responding to. If the contributor’s authority on a topic is not apparent from their title or the business they represent, they must clearly explain why they are a subject matter expert prior to offering their article.


3) Contributors must send their own, unique responses when replying about topics. Sending plagiarized or AI content will result in getting banned.


4) Do not pitch products in articles. Unless the inquiry specifically asks for products to be represented.


5) Reply to Her Nation with COMPLETE, RELEVANT answers. Stick to the word count of 600-3000 words per article. Articles submitted that are far too short or far too long will be denied.


6) Do not reply to a topic requests with incomplete information or solely, “Would like to talk to you about this.” Or “My client can speak about this.”

This clogs up our emails and wastes time. We will not respond.


7) Articles submitted that are far too salesy and give very little value will not be published.

8) To maintain global inclusivity Her Nation Magazine abstains from publishing articles about God or politics. Is it ok to mention a political leader or spirituality? Yes. But articles heavy on either subject will not be published. 

Our 2024 Edit Calendar


All email responses need to look like the following:


  1. Full name and your title as you want represented on the article.

  2. Name of your business. (may or may not be used)

  3. Three sentence bio. It should be clear why you are an expert on the subject you submitted.

  4. High definition profile picture. (may or may not be used depending on quality)

  5. The title of the article given by Her Nation Magazine.

  6. Alternative title you think better suites the article.

  7. One complete website URL, to backlink to you. (ONLY one will be used)

  8. One complete social media URL, to backlink to you. (ONLY one will be used)

  9. Word Count (please keep articles between 600-3000 words)

  10. The FULL article you are contributing.

Submit 1-10 information to:

Google Optimize Your Article
Before Submitting


Does your title: 1. Entice a reader to CLICK and read your article? 2. Include a keyword or phrase that someone would Google?


Choose a KEYWORD or PHRASE from your title to insert in your article.

(in it's entirety)


Include images, with at least one having a subtitle containing the same keyword or phrase.

(in it's entirety)


When your title, article and pictures align with one focus Google can easily categorize your article to make it easily searchable.

Example of Great Google Optimization:

Keyword or phrase: Love Yourself

Title: How to Learn to Finally Love Yourself

Picture subtitle: Are your learning to love yourself?

In article: 'How you care for yourself says a lot about how you love yourself.'

Click this magazine to see how this optimization looks in an article that is perfectly optimized. >>


Why is Your Article
Optimization Important?

Google's success lies in its ability to deliver precisely what users are seeking, almost as if it can anticipate their needs. 

If Google is uncertain about your article's relevance, it won't risk showcasing it. Because it could potentially lead to missed opportunities to engage readers.

That's why it's imperative for us at Her Nation Magazine to diligently optimize our articles. By ensuring consistency and relevance across all elements, we signal to Google that our content deserves serious consideration

When your title, article content, and accompanying visuals contain similar but not identical phrases, it creates confusion for Google's algorithms. As a result, your article may struggle to appear in relevant search results. 

Because of this we want all articles to be fully optimized.


We're working to elevate not only individual articles but also the entire publication, enhancing all of our visibility and impact in the digital landscape.


Now, for a bit of FAQ:

  • Do I have to stick to the given topics listed in this month's email?

  • Not necessarily! Your article should primarily focus on health, wealth, or leadership to align with our categories. While the provided topics are highly recommended, they also serve as a guide to demonstrate the style and content we're seeking. Instead of a vague directive like "write about anything," these topics offer examples to help you understand our preferences. So, if none of the suggested topics resonate with you, feel free to explore other ideas. 

  • When is my article due?

  • Check out Our 2024 Edit Calendar to see when articles are due for our next release date. 

  • Can I submit previously published content?

  • Absolutely! Just ensure you have the rights to the content and that it fits within our categories.

  • Can I write more than one article per release date?

  • 100% yes!

  • Do I have to include all my credentials every time?

  • Certainly! We aim to provide you with ongoing opportunities to update your pictures and profile to reflect your current business status accurately. Additionally, given that we have individuals with similar names, we want to avoid any inadvertent misplacement of your article under the wrong writer.

  • I noticed a slight change or two to my article, why?

  • The team at Her Nation Magazine is skilled in optimizing our publications for maximum impact. This expertise may lead us to make occasional adjustments to article titles, subtitles, or images to align with current guidelines. Our primary aim is to enhance the visibility of your articles, ensuring they reach the broadest possible audience. To ensure seamless optimization, please ensure your articles are fully optimized. Click HERE to learn more about optimizing your content. Click HERE to use an online tool to help you optimize your magazine titles, aim for a rating of 40% or higher.

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