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Attention H Club Members

Come back here every 30 days

Teach to our community once a month


  • 2.3K members in Her Nation FB Group

  • H Club member attendees

  • Zoom room attendees

  • Viewer replay


  • Your social media and mailing list

  • Her Nation organic promotion


  • You are sharing a stage with Her Nation

  • Please practice

  • Have an outline

  • Yes, you can share your screen

  • Yes, you can share a link at the end that leads to a sales page


  • Live Q&A

  • Interactive exercises

  • Breakout sessions

  • Open forum discussions

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Screensharing

Guidelines and Expectations (Please review carefully):

  1. As members of our H Club, you are allowed to promote one event each month within our community.

  2. While direct sales are not allowed, we encourage you to share links to your lead page, website, or calendar during the event.

  3. These events should be fully promoted by you to your community and Her Nation. Please indicate in the description that Her Nation is endorsing this event and incorporate our logo into your graphics.

  4. All necessary links and logos will be provided to you after you have confirmed your event booking.

  5. Please ensure that you present yourself professionally and come prepared.

  6. All events promoted through this Coaching Auditorium are free of charge. If you wish to promote paid events and partake in profit sharing through our Power Partner program, please contact with 'Power Partners' in the subject line.

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