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Life Lessons from the 'Emotional One'

Hi, I’m Christine.   I teach women how to ditch the fear and overwhelm so that they can live more joyful lives.  


In 2013 I had recently gone back to work after being home with my children for several years and was overwhelmed, my marriage was rocky, and I didn’t like the person looking back at me in the mirror.  Dramatic change seemed impossible or terrifying, depending on the day, so I just kept telling myself life would get better, someday.  


When things came to a head in my marriage, I realized that whether or not the union survived, I needed to find myself again.   


Not long after that realization, I found EFT (tapping), a mindfulness practice that helps foster a mind/body connection and reduce stress and anxiety.  It changed my life and the way I saw myself forever.    


Growing up I was the “sensitive one” or the “emotional one”.  To my family that was just who I was.  To me, it meant that there was something wrong with me.    I didn’t think I was very strong,  resilient, or interesting, and kept myself in the shadows a lot of the time.  I also stayed away from conflict by swallowing my feelings because I thought I was lucky to be in the room.  


As I began doing the work of self discovery, I began to realize that I was so much stronger than I had ever given myself credit for.  Even though it was hard, I was able to leave my marriage and raise my daughters largely on my own.   I learned how to create joyful moments in my life each day.   Over time, I began to see myself as a person with a lot to offer the world.  (Just like you.)

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HER Influence

In 2018, I became certified as an EFT practitioner and was diagnosed with breast cancer a week later, while also supporting one of my children through a life threatening illness.  Honestly, I was an emotional mess, but I knew that I had to be there for my child.  EFT helped me find my inner strength and resilience.  I was able to reduce my stress level significantly so that I could process my feelings and cultivate a positive mindset.  That shift allowed me to heal from my treatment quickly and without a great deal of physical or emotional pain so that I could focus on helping my daughter get well.  


Now, I am living the life I want to live.  I feel lighter and happier.  I like the woman who looks back at me in the mirror and am proud of everything I have accomplished.  My children are doing well, I’m in a healthy and happy relationship and I'm building a business that helps other women on their journeys. 

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HER Vision for YOU

I will teach you how to let go of self doubt and build trust in yourself.  


You will learn that you are so much stronger and resilient than you ever realized.  


You will learn how to reconnect with yourself so that you can figure out how you want your life to FEEL.


I will teach you how to become more aware of the limiting thoughts that are holding you back so that you can create new ones that serve you. 


It will happen one step at a time.   


You will learn how to build the life that you want to be living and to be the woman you are meant to be.  


I will teach you how to cultivate more joy in your life. 


Those dreams that you think will never happen?  They’re possible.  


I did it.


And so can you.

Connect with HER

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Christine Del Negro guest speaks on Her Version to share her story.

In this episode:

1. Christine talks about divorce.

2. Challenges as a single mom.

3. When she started EFT tapping.

4. How EFT tapping changed her life.

5. Christine gives her opinion on joy verse happiness.

6. Christine talks about what is important to her.

7. How to handle mental and emotional struggles.

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