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Life Lessons from an Energy Healer

I live by: Trust my own intuition more and to play often. As my 100yr old Great Grandmother would say, "Eat the damn cake!" 

The collective needs you to release the fear and dysfunctional patterns of the past and soulfully connect with the Divine energy within you. 

When you move from repel to pull energy, your aligned clients begin to ask you how they can work with you. In order for your manifestations to come, the inner work around your patterns has to be done!


Christine was raised outside of Toronto by a hardworking entrepreneurial mom in a religious cult. She understands how to release the deep-rooted blocks from childhood and awaken our powerful voices. She's a social butterfly and through the Healing Soul School, she created a Conscious Living Village that teaches self healing through meditation, breathwork, and the Naked Alchemy classes.

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HER Influence

Christine Cardoza is an Intuitive Business Coach, Energy Healer, and coFounder of the 

She activates mission driven entrepreneurs, mystics, and healers, to heal your lower chakras to release blocks, increase your self worth to match your desires, and become magnetic to the life, love, and success you want.

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HER Vision for YOU

Join a fun, how to community with simple, daily habits. She believes in supporting the whole Entrepreneur with how to grow a consistent monthly business, despite any fear or self sabotage. 

As much as it takes a village to raise a child, it also takes a village to raise an Entrepreneur! 


Christine's most popular programs: 

Naked Alchemy program:

Learn how to heal toxic relationships, create safe vulnerability, safe intimacy, and sacred sexuality. How you do 1 thing is how you do everything. If you are hiding in your home life, you will also hide in your business. Opening you up from within to enjoy and share the pleasure you came here for!


Conscious Living Village for Entrepreneurs:

A monthly support community classes to plug you into how to heal yourself, meditation, breathwork, business classes, energy healing classes, naked alchemy, live events and healing circles.

Want to learn how to begin healing yourself? Check out her free Ebook 'Steps to Self Healing' (from trauma and dissociation) on

Christine is the cohost of the monthly Conscious Business Showcase, interviewing soul led entrepreneurs.


'I'm passionate about helping others connect within to end their emotional suffering. We are our own best healers and do not need to be dependent on a doctor, therapist, or healer. We have all we need from within.' - Christine Cardoza

Christine Cardoza guest speaks on Her Version to share her story.

In this episode:

1. Christine talks about becoming the observer.

2. Importance of breathwork and meditation.

3. How to master your own triggers and emotions.

4. If healing from trauma is possible.

5. What is personal development and is it important?

6. Christine talks about her Healing Soul School.

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